Email is a time waster

Reading the paper on the train home from work I came across this article. Banning corporate email seems to be an extreme approach, but I do agree emails are sometimes a waste of time as its a poor form of communication.  I think we have become lazy with technology and send too many emails when […]

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Don’t collaborate here!

I saw a few of these signs posted up around an office site I visited today and was amused by it.  The office cubicles were also very high (‘Dilbert’ cubicles come to mind).  In fact they were high enough that we couldn’t see people’s heads.  The workspace was definitely reflective of a non-collaborative culture. A […]

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Bridging Business and I.T. through Communication and Collaboration

How many times have you heard, “that’s what I said, but not what I meant or wanted”?  Too many times I would suspect.  Many symptoms of project issues are related to organizational, collaboration, and communication issues, not technology.  One of the challenges of any I.T. initiative is getting people to communicate and collaborate together, especially […]

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Bridging IT and business

We sometimes hear that business is not getting value out of IT.  Technology and tools are constantly improving but we often have missed expectations.  The need to align business and IT is getting more important. Incorrect assumptions of what the client needs often leads to incorrect actions resulting in wasted effort. Next time you  speak […]

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Customers Should Be Part Of The Team

Source: Dilbert 21-Sep-2009 Dilbert cartoons are great because they poke humour in everyday working situations, and they wouldn’t be funny if they weren’t true.  Too many times have I seen project teams in the situation above, including ones I have worked on. Customers should be made part of the team.  A goal in Agile is […]

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