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“I hope to be a disruptive force to those who think the way we develop products and services is just fine”

Chris Chan (@c2reflexions)I am a Adaptive Leadership and Organisational Coach who cares about humanising the workplace. I believe that people are the corner-stone for continued organisational success and hence, I place great importance on culture, collaboration and individuals and interactions.

I am located in Melbourne, Australia and have local and global experience with Enterprise Agile and Organisational Transformations helping executives, teams and individuals to adopt Agile values, principles and practices that thrive within their specific environment.   I believe that context is important when applying different ways of working.

I strive to build trust and my passion is working side-by-side with people and teams to help them become more effective and deliver value to the business and its customers. I have a particular interest in applying Lean Startup in large enterprises, and coaching leaders and teams to bring about positive change who can then build learning organisations and create a culture of business agility. My ethos is to be pragmatic, listen with empathy and apply incremental learning.

agileaus_chrischanYou can often find me active in the local agile community. You can find me speaking at conferences, or energetically bringing the industry together as founder of the Agile Coaching Circles meetup in Melbourne, an organiser of other local Agile meetups such as Lean Coffee, being a chair the Agile Australia Conference and an organiser of the Agile Coach Camp Conference.  I am featured in the book ‘Who is Agile in Australia & New Zealand?‘.

If you are interested in speaking to me about how we may collaborate together, please reach out to me by sending email to chris@chrischan.com.au or use the Contact page.

For more information about my professional profile visit LinkedIn.

They say you should surround yourself with people who inspire you to do better. I consider you to be one of those people!
You are very strong at coaching for an outcome or change in behaviour. You never give the answers but ask effective questions to get me to think about a situation differently.
Congratulations on your achievements with this program. When you first taught us, I thought that there would be no chance of converting this program to any Agile approach. You can take great pride in your achievements here on multiple different levels
I’m genuinely inspired by your energy and determination to challenge our mindset and ways of working.

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  1. Hi do you know about the Stoos network? There is a satellite starting up in Melbourne. It’s kind of a cool place to upload conversations about Agile along with other strategies for improving the workplace to be better for humans. CHEERS, keep up the great posts! http://www.stoosinaction.dk

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