DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Last week I attended the Agile Australia Conference. I will post a conference report soon, but thought I would share the 2 main takeaways I had from the conference. One is the DevOps movement and the second is Continuous Delivery.

DevOps is a new movement seeking to achieve the business need for rapid delivery of software products while maintaining the stability of live environments. It uses two approaches: first, promoting closer collaboration between development and operations; second, applying practices shared with agile (collaboration, automation, simplicity, etc) to operations processes such as provisioning, change management, and production monitoring. It encompasses culture, processes, and tools – all supporting better communication, faster feedback and delivery, and more predictable outcomes.

With continuous development of working software, we need to get the changes into Production as quick as possible through Continuous Delivery so we can shorten the feedback cycle and so the business can maximize the ROI.

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