I want to run an agile project

This is all too funny!  Whilst the video is intended to be humorous, the pain of the “Agile Guy” maybe all too familiar for some.  Agile changes many things we have become use to over many years – agile questions the status quo and challenges our muscle memory……..

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For Fun – PMI Agile Response

An article called the ‘Sweet Spot’ appeared in the August 2010 edition of the PMI.ORG PM Network Journal. In response to this article, a video was produced which is quite amusing.  Watch the video.

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Managing Defects on Agile Projects

This recent Dilbert comic strip reminded me of a situation when a client was raising cosmetic defect as severity 2. It is often not clear what a defect is and at what level to raise it at (despite agreed severity descriptions) as my example above shows.  And some defects are raised without being related to […]

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Waterfall Alliance

[Humor] Details of the Waterfall Alliance was released on 1 April 2010, which is driven by the values and principles of the Waterfall Manifesto for Realistic Software Development. Some great resources can be found on the Waterfall Alliance website.  Further news of the Waterfall 2010 conference has been delayed (yet again).

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Santa Adopts Agile

Thanks to a colleague for passing on the below article – a nice bent on Santa adopting Agile….and a nice marketing plug by Bright Green Projects. Santa Claus CSM – Adopts Agile for the new decade Santa Claus and his team of  hard working elves are the latest high profile team to adopt an Agile […]

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