Agile Coach: Big ‘C’ Coach or little ‘c’ coach

Agile Coach is such an overloaded term.  It means different things to different people.  First, there’s different expectations by different people on what they need from an agile coach.  Secondly, different agile coaches have different backgrounds and experiences.  It is these experiences that shape who we are and what we bring to our coaching.  There […]

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LAST Conference 2019 – 3 Ways to Become More Self-Aware

Here are the slides from my LAST Conference Talk today. Self-awareness is about learning to observe yourself not only through your own eyes but through others people’s eyes too. When you are self-aware, you know your strengths and weaknesses and how to manage them in the workplace. The talk introduces a model for developing self-awareness […]

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1st Conference 2015 – Evoking Excellence Through Agile Coaching

The presentation I delivered last year at  1st Conference 2015 titled “Evoking Excellence Through Agile Coaching” is available on Slideshare.  

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Training to become an Agile Coach?

[Edited: Updated links 28 Feb 2011] Today I received an interesting question – “What training is there to develop agile coaches as output of the training?” The goal of an Agile coach is grow a productive Agile team that thinks for itself rather than relying on someone to prescribe the way to do things. Showing […]

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The issue with Scrum Certifications

Ron Jeffries has posted a nice article on CSM Certification Thoughts containing several excellent diagrams describing some of the forces that are in play when it comes to Scrum certifications (or any other Agile certification for that matter). There are both positive and negative opinions of CSM Certification in the industry.  In my view, a […]

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There is no ‘Best Practice’ in Agile

Joe Townsend has written an article along the lines what I have been saying for a while now – in Agile there is no ‘best practice’, and as Townsend puts it What works for you, your team, division, corporation, etc. can bring another person, team, etc. to a screeching halt. In particular, one needs to […]

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