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Agile Transformation: Mastery, Autonomy & Purpose

In this guest post Michael Gibson – Agile Coach at ANZ, presents a slightly different way of viewing agile maturity, through Dan Pink’s lens of Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose; as a simple and useful way of fostering conversations and ensuring all relevant perspectives are considered.   Mastery, Autonomy & Purpose Let me start by saying that if you […]

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Spotify breaks the rules when Scaling their Agile Engineering Culture

“One of the big success factors at Spotify is the Agile Engineering Culture.” – Henrik Kniberg Spotify started as a Scrum company in 2008 but the standard Scrum practices were getting in the way as they grew, so they made them optional.  Here’s an awesome video how Spotify scaled their Agile Engineering Culture.  They decided that: […]

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Large-Scale Agile

Despite that we are still yet to finish the current scope of work for the Agile Initiatives, we are starting to discuss future items in our backlog – distributed Agile and Agile@Scale. There are a few projects in flight that couple of colleagues are working on that are large Agile programs of work.  Large-Scale Agile […]

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