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Agile as a way to profitable growth

Not only should Agile or Lean concepts be adopted for projects, but it should also be harnessed at an organizational level to be more competitive. By focusing more on the bottom line and ignoring the human capital it was one of the reasons What Killed GM: General Motors managers became very numbers obsessed and bottom-line […]

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Traditional Project Management Role on a Scrum Project

A “good read” article on Agile Journal, An Agile PM Isn’t What You Think Sub-Head: Where Does Traditional Project Management Fit in an Agile Project Using Scrum There is always considerable discussion about the role of the Traditional Project Manager on an Agile Scrum Project and this article describes it very well. In the end, […]

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Management’s Role on Agile Projects

Mark Levison has written an excellent post on How Can Management Contribute to an Agile Project? His post nicely complements my previous posts on a similar topic. 

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